Berlin owns a vibrant and energetic start-up scene. And it comes to life through the work and energy of the many young people from all over the world that are attracted by the city’s free spirit.

Berlin is a nearly perfect place for young companies and international offices. Rents and wages aren’t as high as in other capitals. You have the creative pinnacle at your doorstep, and they speak all kinds of languages – including Java, Python and SQL.

The metropolitan region of Berlin is Germany’s solar plexus of interactive media and gaming industry. More than 200 companies produce all kinds of video games, from console blockbusters and creative indie games to chart topping mobile games.

Meanwhile, start-ups from Berlin have collected more investment money in 2015 than young companies in any other European city. Trending industries are fintech, e-commerce and big data companies. Berlin is so exciting. Have you already been there?

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