media:net berlinbrandenburg ranks among the biggest and most successful regional networks of media and digital economy in Germany for 15 years.

It plays a key role in the cross sectors and cross border networking of 450 members: From the established and globally active companies to the newly established, innovative start-up, we take care of all the players in the media and creative industries, IT and communications and industrial 4.0.

medianet-bb cooperates with institutions, associations and opinion leaders from business, research and culture to improve regional economic conditions. It also keeps you informed and connected with studies and surveys focused on members’ current issues and business needs. Events offer practice-oriented professional development and valuable contacts.

The aim of media:net is to connect key players and represent interests of the members in Berlin and Brandenburg to improve the regional business conditions.

A variety of events and communication activities offer companies a continuous presence and the ability to position themselves with their goods and services beyond the network in Berlin-Brandenburg.

The cooperation with the member companies is the focus of media:net and thus forms the core of the agile and sustainable network.