The people of Estonia are Europe’s digital forerunners. They have been paying parking tickets with their mobile phones for years now. They’re organising their tax return online and vote via their PCs. Right now, Estonia is developing a VR environment to showcase their e-services to the world.

Many of the 1,3 mio citizens of E-estonia have embraced a digital lifestyle, supported by official institutions. In the wake of Skype’s great success – the video messenger was engineered by three Estonians – 350 start-ups emerged. That’s one start-up per 3700 citizens: the highest proportion in Europe.

Many of them are mixed media companies, doing web and app development. Games are extra. The most renowned game developer is Creative Mobile, they also organise the country’s biggest games conference, the Game Dev Days in Tallinn. An interesting fact: three of four studios publish on their own.

Since a change in legislation in 2015, games are officially recognized as a part of the creative industry and now also receive public funding. The PÖFF film festival, better known as Black Nights Film Festival, has been promoting synergies of film and games from early on. Game design and game related courses are only taught since 2015.

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