It was in 2011 when Microsoft announced to take over a part of the world’s most famous Finnish company – Nokia, a brand that once ruled the rubber boot market, but earned fame with making great, nearly indestructible mobile phones. But they missed to make a claim on the growing smartphone sector. Now Microsoft owns the mobile branch, not the factories for waterproof footware.

At the same time, in 2011 and 2012, the number of Finnish start-ups in the sectors games and digital media skyrocketed, followed by an erratic rise in productivity. Only 20 companies in both fields are older than ten years. Many of the new ones were founded by former Nokia employees.

Today, nearly 300 Finnish games companies employ 3000 people. The revenue: 2,4 bn Euros p/a. The growth rate from 2013 to 2014: nearly 100 %. The digital media market is dominated by software development and marketing. Interesting: the high percentage of VFX specialists in this sector.

Like all markets from the Northern region, Finland is wealthy, well educated, with a progressive attitude towards digital technologies and games in educational matters, equipped with excellent English skills, a high penetration of smart devices, a respectable market growth for games and digital media – the harder you look, the more you find out that there’s nothing bad about this country’s market situation at all.

Literature tip : From Angry Birds to Nokia castaways, Finland’s startup scene has huge ambitions – By Jo Best



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