The density of smart services and devices in Sweden is already high. One third plays digital games at least once a week. eSports still note a growth in consumption. Yet, people still spend more money on digital goods.

Probably because they watch undubbed British and American television, they’re ranked No 1 on the English Profiency Index, what makes them perfect for international collaborations. Or is it because of the educational system? Or because of the relatively small domestic market, a reason for an early focus on international production.

9,5 mio people are spread over the huge country, many of them in the south, near the big cities Stockholm, Malmö and Gotenburg. Here you’ll find most of the 200 game companies with more than 3000 employees.

National games studios and publishers have turned into a successful export industry, with 930 mio Euros revenue in 2014. One of ten people on the planet have played a Swedish video game.

A challenge right now is a lack of public funding (although Sweden has lots of PE money). Swedish companies need a steady supply with fresh competence. Also some regulations around digital markets seem to be out of step with the development of the market.


Picture: Adisa_shutterstock.com